What Is a Whole House Energy Rating/Audit?

Air Flow TestBenefits of HERS II/ Whole House Energy Audit/Rating

The Whole House Energy Audit or Rating allows the Homeowner to not only understand their home's current energy rating (efficiency) based on 2008 Title 24 efficiency standards, but also know how the home can cost–effectively become more energy efficient. The benefits of a Whole House Energy Rating are a follows:

  1. Rating scores the residence against the "Standard" set by 2008 Title 24 Energy Efficiency Standards.
  2. Identifies best approaches to achieve better energy efficiencies.
  3. Calculates Return on Investment (ROI) by ranking each improvement from most cost effective to least cost effective.
  4. Can be customized to account for homeowner's personal preferences or budgetary considerations.
  5. Calculates improvements base on first year energy savings combined with amortized investment (mortgage or personal capital).

The Whole House Energy Audit/Rating Process

To obtain the Whole House Energy Audit/Rating, the HERS II Rater collects and evaluates many indices to achieve a complete, comprehensive Audit/Rating analysis. The HERS II rater will no less than:

  1. Interview the homeowner for daily lifestyle and use habits;
  2. Collect at least (1) year Gas and Electricity bill history;
  3. Collect data such as floorplan of house, identify directional orientation of house, windows and doors, HVAC equipment, Hot water heater type, size and age, building envelope (insulation) existing lighting (both interior and exterior);
  4. Diagnostic testing ie; duct leakage (duct test) infiltration (door blower);
  5. Appliance package in home.

Once this data and analysis is complete all information is input into the CalRate Pro energy program specifically designed to identify the current features of the home and comparing them to a set of standard energy upgrades. It includes measures, if determine to be cost effective, identified within the following four groups:

  1. Building Envelope improvements
  2. HVAC Distribution System (ducts) and Equipment Tuning
  3. Appliances and Lighting upgrades
  4. HVAC and Water Heating Equipment Upgrades (replacements)

The cost effectiveness of measures is determined for each group in the order shown above. Thus measures that reduce energy loads are considered before equipment replacement. This allows the consideration of smaller equipment sizing if replacement is prudent and higher initial returns on investment are achieved.

Once all of the information has been submitted into the energy program an audit report or a Whole House Energy Rating is produced with attached recommendations.

Cost of Whole House Energy Audit or Rating

As each home has unique characteristics applying a "One Price fits All" pricing structure is not possible. Additionally there are various Tax Credits and Rebates that may help offset costs for energy savings measures. Please give us a call today at (661) 587-3125 for an estimate based on your custom needs.

Is Whole House Energy Rating/Audit Right For You?

If you are interested in making your home more energy efficient, contribute to helping reduce the ever increasing demands on our energy resources and improve our environment the answer is YES! Building Energy Services & Technology Consultants is here to help you achieve those goals. Give a us a call, we look forward to being of service.