Title 24 Energy Consulting

Building Energy Services & Technology Consultants provides Title 24 Energy Consulting throughout the Central Valley and entire State of California

The California Energy Commission is committed to achieving "Zero Net Energy" code compliance for residential by 2020. The current 2016 codes and all subsequent codes will reflect standards that are designed to gradually meet that commitment. The new and current code implemented on January 1, 2017 has sweeping changes and requirements in both the mandatory and prescriptive compliance paths. These more stringent codes demand that energy consultants know and understand construction projects more than ever before. As an accredited Certified Energy Analyst (CEA), BEST Consultants is able to meet these ever increasing demands and achieve the most cost-effective ways to meet or exceed Title 24 compliance. Through continual ongoing advanced training and collaboration with industry experts, BEST Consultants stays on the cutting edge of industry standards. See our Title 24 Consulting page or contact us for more information so that we can meet your energy efficient project designs.

Title 24 Consulting in Bakersfield and Southern California

Building Energy Services & Technology Consultants is a Title 24 consulting company, certified by CalCERTS, Inc., providing the latest CEC 2016 certification, Field Verification and Diagnostic Testing services to Bakersfield, Fresno, and the neighboring communities of the Southern San Joaquin Valley.

With over 26 years experience in the construction industry, Building Energy Services & Technology Consultants understands the importance of getting the job done right, on time and with minimal disruption to the client.